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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World's Largest Shopping Mall

Dongguan city’s South China Mall, the shopping heaven, amazing world, illusion city and a commercial legend of new century is expecting your presence.

Dongguan city’s South China Mall, Dongguan, China - With a floor area of 430,000 square meters and a building area of 890,000 square meters, South China Mall boasts a commercial area of 600,000 square meters, 8,000 parking lots and total investment of RMB 2.5 billion yuan. It will be one of the grandest and largest commercial architectural complexes for mall in Asia and even in the world and will also create new global commercial peak after its completion.

Since the construction of South China Mall was commenced on October of 2002, it has been actively responded by a large number of international traders and all walks of life. Some of world top 500 enterprises including German OBI, British Teletubbies, Canadian IMAX, Shenzhen Causeway Bay Department Store and OMOMO, have become its allies. In addition, German Metro, ranking the third position in global retail industry, has settled down adjacent to South China Mall in Wanjiang of Dongguan. On top of this, many international brand dealers have also come to South China Mall. Dongguan Branch of Agricultural Bank of China has given credit of RMB one billion yuan. Being highly hailed by experts, scholars, authoritative media and the society, as an international commercial empire, South China Mall has demonstrated its elegancy and glory, and is bound to be a miracle of commercial history.

Based on highlighted characteristic theme integrating tourism, culture, shopping, diversion, amusement, sports, food and hotel, South China Mall has seven characteristic theme zones by taking water course as main line with sunny and zealous South California Coast and San Francisco, clear and enchanting Amsterdam, elegant and romantic Chomps-Elysees Ave in Paris, mysterious and passionate Venice, sensational and beautiful Caribbean coast and adventurous Tropical Rain Forest. Such zones display the world’s famous water scenes and create relax and romantic shopping and living environment: you can enjoy yourself and have delicious foods while shopping and also enjoy cultural communication and body-building while in diversion. In terms of humanistic concern, it allows you to enjoy anywhere and delivers to you the higher spiritual enjoyment besides the creature comfort.

To enjoy the Mall by boat and enjoy the views while shopping, South China Mall will be the most beautiful commercial scenery in China, and will become a fashionable symbol of the new century, new consumption and new life on the basis of its unique consumption culture.

Area A is in the central north part and on the west of the square of the main entrance of South China Mall, with total area of 60,000 square meters. It is designed to be department store selling high-grade and fashionable choice commodities. The splendid main entrance square and main scene viewing square will guarantee affluent customers for Area A. Aside from enjoying profuse and untrammeled sight of San Francisco style of Area A, you can also enjoy foreign style products. Area A gathers high-grade famous products all over the world such as French perfume and clothes, Italian leather ware and Swiss watches, and will become Chinese “the Fifth Avenue of Manhattan” and also represents nobility by virtue of its rare products and courteous services.

As the most magnificent commercial area, Area B and C are in the east part of South China Mall, with total construction area of 200,000 square meters. In the west of Area B&C is unique landscape zone of South California style. The sunny and zealous South California Coast, the most dynamic and sunny place of South China Mall, characterizes in large-sized power-driven games, corsair and illusionary water screen, etc., integrating sight-seeing, amusement, culture and diversion together. In the middle of Area B and C is a large parking lot which facilitates the consumers’ access to each shopping zone by adopting initiative three-dimensional type of parking. Area B and C are the theme brand zones with San Diego flavor and the forefront of vogue and tide, converging domestic and international famous brands and colourful and characteristic services. They are certain to be symbol of vogue and the capital of Chinese brands and also a shopping heaven.

Area D is in the central south part of South China Mall, with total construction area of 50,000 square meters. It is highlighted by “Amazing World”-- the largest indoor household amusement center in China and also has German OBI--the magnate of world building material supermarket. Apart from the mainstream “power-driven games”, there are many interesting projects for household entertainment in “Amazing World”, such as exciting and breathtaking marching in the riptide and switchback, up to date Hollywood films, etc. The German OBI building material supermarket with the concept of “creating cozy home”, brings you under meticulous concern by providing one-stop decoration service ranging from a small screw to worldwide advanced decoration design. Area D of South China Mall is a real amazing world and paradise of dreams.

Area E is in the northwest of South China MALL, with total construction area of 70,000 square meters. The scattering windmill, wooden shoes, tulips and famous paintings of Van Gogh will let you experience the peaceful and tranquil Amsterdam of Holland in ablare atmosphere, and the concept of “happiness and enjoyment everywhere” is fully played here. Area E is Shangri-La in metropolis and ideal recreational place by virtue of heath care projects including water therapy, hairdressing and SPA, diversified recreational facilities and untrammeled Disco dancing hall.

Area F is in the southwest of South China Mall, with total construction area of 120,000 square meters. Its wide lake area fully displays extensive flavor of Caribbean seashore. Area F gathers delicacies all over the world including every part of China, such as Brazilian barbecue, French cuisine, Japanese food and Chinese foods. Here, you can enjoy affluent flavors in the world and view unique sights of different countries. Connecting top floors of the buildings in Area F form a street of characteristic bars with the style of Sky Garden initiated in China. The half-opened natural landscape together with bars of different features embodies unique “Left Bank of Paris”. Area F of South China Mall is bound to be an aromatic food city with flavors of different countries and fragrant sleepless town.

Area G is in central west of South China Mall, with total construction area of 60,000 square meters, it mainly consists of Shangri-La Grand Hotel and San Macro Clock Tower. The Shangri-La Grand Hotel is designed at five-star standard with 500 luxurious guestrooms with view of significant commercial building complexes and San Macro Square of Italian style. The Shangri-La Grand Hotel, adjacent to water region with joggling gondolas and delicate stone arch bridges, will be the first choice for guests of South China Mall.