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Friday, April 30, 2010


The interesting point is that all the electricity generated from the sun. This future resembling stadium is reported to be the first in the world to meet its own power needs. The project was specially made for world games in Taiwan. It is a never seen before structure with very interesting horse shoe design. The stadium is 19 hectare which offers a seating capacity of 55000 people.

Taiwanese national football team has now more confidence where they will be playing. Roof composed of solar panels as well as steel rod structure are both brainchild for a Japanese architect Toyo Ito. There is a dragon imitation as you could have noticed. There are 8 844 solar panels to produce more power than it is needed for its 3 300 lights as well as for two king size TV screens.

But that does not seem to be a problem for Taiwanese authority as they intend the excess power to be sold. The solar panels are said to be able to generate up to 1.14 million kWh of yearly power and avoiding at least 660 tons of carbon dioxide. Its construction amount to US$ 150 million but with clean power it provides, it appears to be a cool idea making our world safer. This tricky stadium features 14 155m2 roof which is awesome.

The dragon like stadium needed just two years for its construction with six minutes being sufficient to provide power for its lightning. The stadium also features a sounding system. So called green stadium is scheduled to be constructed before the end of the year. It is a never seen before construction for Taiwanese made by the Taiwanese company Lucky power technology Co. Ltd.

It is reported to be the biggest sports facility operated by its own solar power. There are no doubts that the stadium is the most ecologically friendly worldwide. The stadium is a combination of high architectural quality, solar energy technology and as soon as excessive power is generated it may be and will be sold. With Taiwan hosting its main competitions, the stadium is planned to be mostly used for athletics as well as rugby matches.

The self-powered stadium is already the center of attention of many people offering a new era solar power generation. Toyo Ito has built the stadium next to forest area with no clearing the land, so the concept appears to be very interesting. This combination of architecture and nature offered by Toyo Ito creates a new pleasant ambiance. The stadium was specially constructed to feature cooling qualities being able to shade most of the spectators during a sunny weather.

Taiwanese residents as well as tourists will enjoy native environment with its flora and fauna an ecological pond. Solar panels can operate for about 30 years, so the long term benefits seem to be profitable.